100% Done For You Webinar Services For Those Who COULD probably write one on their own. . . But Would Rather Pay Someone To Get It Done Fast, and Get it done right...

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The 2 hour webinar VIP session
If I offered to write a webinar script with you in just 2 hours...

-That included all of the headlines, secrets, and stories that your dream customer NEEDS to hear in order to convert them
-That told you exactly what NEEDS to be inside your offer, and how to position the offer all the way through the webinar
-So that you can get your webinar to convert the FIRST TIME, and skip the weeks of writing, thousands of dollars in testing, and start selling your course NOW.

Would you take me up on that offer?

If you're a course creator who's ready to sell your expertise to the masses by launching and scaling a 6-7 figure webinar, then this is the service for you!
Done for you high -ticket webinars
(Ideal for service providers, coaches, & consultants)
If I offered to build and launch a webinar 100% for you to sell your service or coaching program and brings you pre-sold, pre-qualified leads to your calendar every day...

-Without worrying about the webinar content or slides,,,
-Without building a funnel or writing email sequences...
-So you can literally show up each day and close high-ticket deals and focus on serving your customers...

Would you take me up on that offer?

If you're a coach, consultant, or service provider and you're serious about selling more of your programs or services, this is the webinar for you!

Done for you course webinars
(Ideal for course creators and products $497-1497)
If I offered to personally write a word-for-word script FOR YOU that will sell your course to the masses...

-Including a custom designed slide deck 
-So you can skip the months of planning, writing, and building a presentation and figuring it out by yourself
-So you can literally just show up, read the script, and be confident it will convert to even a cold audience

Would you take me up on that offer?

If you have an amazing info product and you'd rather hire somebody who's written dozens of converting webinars instead of testing and figuring it out yourself, then this is the service for you.
Brendan Kelly
Webinar Copywriter
Hi, I'm Brendan
A year or so ago I used to be a regular ol' funnel builder, taking gigs that would come floating my way... I was dying to break out and find something that I could really be known for. That's when a referral came for somebody who had a course, but never sold it to the masses...

I'd never built a full blown webinar script, slides and funnel before, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, a couple of months later that shot hit, and my first webinar ever hit 15k sales in the first month!

Now I've become obsessed with webinars, and am known for getting new clients 3-5x ROAS on their first couple presentations!

Are you next...?


Kevin Anson, ads of fire
9 Clients equaling $270,000 in the first 2 weeks
"Within not even 2 or 3 weeks of starting on our agency funnel, I had 40 applications come through and we signed up 9 new clients for my agency...

So you can do the math and see how fast we built 6-figure agency, and we're already half way to 7 figures right now. 

We actually had to turn off our ads because we were getting so many leads that we couldn't fulfill on the demand. Hiring Brendan was like the best decision I've ever made."
Kevin Anson
Ads Of Fire
Jamie Atkinson, Podcast Profit Lab
$100,000 in the first 5 webinars
"In literally no time at all we were able to put out our very first webinar and the results were spectacular. In the space of less than 5 months, I was able to do about 5 different webinars and we hit our first 6 figures, and that first entire 6 figure income came from the webinar that Brendan helped me put together. It's been incredible.

What's even cooler, Brendan actually helped me re-do my webinar again in January, and in that first quarter of the year we brought in ANOTHER 6 figures."
Jamie Atkinson
Podcast Profit Lab
Trey Bearor, MLM Misfits
10X ROAS Every week
"I knew I had something amazing, but after months and months of tweaking and testing and doing what Russell Brunson says to do in the perfect webinar, I just couldn't get people to buy my course... I was ready to give up.

I did everything Brendan told me to do, after the first web class, 5 people bought and I only spent $300 on ads... Now my webinar is converting at 10X what I spend on ads every week."
Trey Bearor
MLM Misfits
Jon Taylor, Body Transform Fitness
Completely filled my program in 2 weeks!
"We wanted to launch a new high-ticket online program and use a webinar. I put together the basics, but I was really struggling to crank out the webinar and nail the messaging.

I spoke to Brendan and had a 20 minute conversation with him, and from that conversation it was really clear that he could help me...

We got everything live in about a week and we filled all of the spots in the program (20 spots) in about 2 weeks."
Jon Taylor
Body Transform Fitness
Kiana Danial, Invest Diva
$9,000 on the first presentation
"I was fortunate enough to get to know Brendan through a mastermind that we were both part of. I should not have paid all of that money for that mastermind, I should've just hired Brendan 3 years ago and this would've been done THE RIGHT WAY.

He's 100% of the time right about his decisions, and I feel like if you're about to spend a ton of time and money joining a mastermind if a webinar is the thing you want to focus on, you need to give Brendan a shot."

Kiana Danial
Invest Diva
Joel Erway, the webinar agency
Creator of the mini webinar
"As an agency owner and somebody who has trained lots of people in this space, there aren't many people that I recommend when it comes to building out these types of funnels and offers for clients. 

After working directly with Brendan on a couple projects, I can stand behind his work and give him my full recommendation.
If anyone's considering working with him, I give you my full stamp of approval."

Joel Erway
The Webinar Agency

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