Brendan Kelly
Webinar Copywriter
Here's How it all began...
Brendan Kelly is a young playful entrepreneur trying to breakthrough in this whole digital marketing space. Brendan grew up in New York about two hours north of NYC in a small town that you definitely don’t know the name of… In late 2018 he quit his 9 to 5 job and moved down to Charlotte to put his back against the wall and become an entrepreneur, with little to no money in the bank and little to no doubt that he would make it work. 

Brendan got his first taste of online business after he applied to more than 100 jobs in New York City and got zero responses (even with a bachelor’s degree in PR and other notable achievements). He decided to take matters into his own hands and try to make a living without a job. So what did he do? Dug through his parents’ basement and told them that he was selling all of their old stuff on eBay! 

eBay was the first time Brendan made money from anything that wasn’t a job, and after selling about $2000 worth of product in just about two months, he was hooked. Moving onto “bigger and better things” he discovered Amazon FBA and built a small beauty brand on Amazon, managing to sell about $50,000 worth of nipple covers in about six months. Yes, nipple covers, chicken cutlets, sticky boobs;those things that are used to cover a woman’s nipples in a strapless dress. Long story short, that business dominated by a competitor using blackhat methods, and Brendan knew he had to build a business that he actually had full control of. Discovering Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels on a podcast, Brendan found the missing link that he needed all along.

Brendan spent the next six months doing nothing but studying sales funnels and implementing where he could. Having some success, he started helping others who were just starting out in the world of funnels so that they could get their first big win too! He’s now helped dozens of people get their first successful funnels off the ground, and has even helped clients more than triple the price that they charged before working with him.

Through hundreds of hours on coaching and consulting calls, Brendan realized that every time something was going right or wrong in a funnel, it always came back to one thing… The Avatar or dream customer. Then he thought, “If that’s true, what if there was a way that I could create my Ultimate Avatar first, and then extract everything else out of that?” So that’s what he did…

Thus, Brendan created the Ultimate Avatar, his signature program and a “copy and paste” method to creating sales funnels that actually work. The Ultimate Avatar enables new funnelhackers to build their first funnel in less than a week, all without spending months to years learning the strategy behind why it works. The program even has a built in launch system that allows you to launch your funnel with absolutely no email list and zero dollars in ad spend.

He now spends his time working with clients and perfecting The Ultimate Avatar so that it can be released to the public in fall of 2019 (right now the system is only offered as a 1 on 1 consultation.) He’s also the host of the podcast What The F*nnel, which can be found on all podcast platforms and releases new episodes every Monday and Wednesday, unveiling the best strategies to use in your next sales funnel.
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